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Women Who Rock!

Posted on March 08 2017

It's an interesting time to be a female. We're facing challenges on a national political level that are bringing women from all over the country out to the streets to make sure their voices are heard. At the same time, we live in a country and in a time where we have a lot more opportunities and choices than so many sisters who've come before us. 

You wanna run for President?

It can be done.

You want to serve our country in the military?

Step right up.

Be an inventor?  Start a mobile fashion boutique on wheels? Create a non-profit?

Quite literally, the sky's the limit. 

Fine print: While all of these ideas are absolutely achievable, none of these things are going to be easy. They're gonna be really, really fucking hard. 


Having dreams and ambitions is a beautiful thing. But last I checked, you wake up from dreams to realize you're super late for work, your boss is going to kill you, the dog shit in the house again, and you're on the Ramen diet till' payday which is precisely 8 days from now. Unfortunately, dreams don't pay the bills. But making some hard decisions, creating a plan and taking relentless steps to follow those dreams most certainly could.

In my experience, those dreams have been floating around since I was a kid. I've doodled and Googled and jotted notes and created plans and had endless journals full of ideas of how I would make it all come to fruition. I made it a priority to take SOME kind of step forward towards my dream business on a daily basis. Sometimes it was the smallest baby step. Sometimes it was more like a crawl. But after time, those steps created a path; MANY many years long and curvy, but a path none the less. And eventually the path lead to a fork in the road where you either take the easy route, or you walk into the abyss of the unknown, reminding yourself that no matter what happens, you went all in for your passion and that life-long dream. 

I've heard time and time again that there's a vast different between an entrepreneur and a WANTrepreneur. The real deal includes taking action, everyday; Hustling, pushing, struggling, scheming, and driving forward at any cost, no matter what; Because failure just isn't an option and there's no other place for you in this world that will make you as happy as pursuing this dream and this business. Well, that's been my experience, anyway. Some days are incredible. Some days are incredibly hard. Some days are emotional. Some days feel full of defeat. But regardless, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, look in the mirror and remind yourself that you FUCKING rule and if anyone can do this you can. You start the next day with all the optimism in the world; because this is your destiny and this is what you were born to do. 

If it were easy, everyone would do it. It ain't easy, and you're not everyone. So buckle up, buttercup-- and keep on truckin'.






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