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Styles From the Crypt!

Posted on October 26 2017

Ohhhhhhhh, October.

It’s my favorite time of year, when all the “normal” stores are overflowing with skulls, skeletons, bats, and black. Even the most straight laced and proper upstanding citizens get in the mood, stocking up on fake blood for little Tommy’s costume, decorating their yards with headstones and spiderwebs; Taking a temporary trip into the dark and macabre world that many of us dark angels enjoy year around. The ability for folks to let a little humor in, have fun with it and not take life so seriously for a couple weeks makes me happy. All the dark surrounding the month actually fills me with LIGHT! Deranged? Yes. Yes I kinda am. 


One of my favorite things about the holiday is, of course, the COSTUMES! Every year, it’s interesting to see “what’s trending” in costumes. (And for the record, I fucking DESPISE the word “trending”; Trending? Trending!? What does that even MEAN!? And who decides what’s TRENDING?! And who said they were so rad to tell US what's cool? Whoever it is and whatever it is, sounds like nothing I want to be a part of.)


But for realz. Each year, pop culture has driven some trend, some popular flash in the pan concept, that inevitably sparks costume ideas and a gaggle of band wagon hoppers. 

Need I go on?


Right or wrong, cool or lame, it’s a scene. And one I love to witness. 



Now that you’re in the mood, it felt like the perfect time to take a stroll down ol’ Memory Lane and flashback to some of my favorite spooky creations over the past few years;  (Most for Dolls Kill, many still reproduced/restocked/renamed), some you may recognize, and maybe some you may even have at home. Walk with me. Talk with me:  as we explore



1.The "Nun More Black" Costume

Now in it’s third season and renamed the “Mama Don’t Preach” costume, I originally named this evil babe “Nun More Black”, after the Fat Wreck Chords band None More Black. (Give em’ a listen!). Still flooding Instagram, and knocked off by how many other companies, this twisted sister will always have a special place in my heart. 

2. The "Webs We Weave” Boot

This boot was one of the first styles I designed at Dolls Kill. The quirky design with heel filled spiders was a conversation piece to say the least.

3. The “Book of Spells” Bag

In no way would I ever take credit for the idea of the “book bag”. Tons of people have done it, and they shouldn’t take credit for the invention either, because the idea’s been around forever. I first saw it done YEAAAARS back in Tokyo/Harajuku scene but it’s flooded the alternative fashion scene over the last year. Since then, everyone’s got a book bag of sorts. My “Book of Spells” Bag design was produced in early 2015, and has been very obviously replicated by many brands since (No need to name names. I’m sure you’ve seen the VERY similar graphic rip offs coming out over the last year). At the end of the day, I’m just happy to have seen my quirky ideas come to fruition into products customers buy, own and love. I’ve got plenty of other ideas, so I’ll be fine. Just sad to see so many companies have such weak creative teams that they have to literally replicate what's already been done by other people. Ethics. Get some.

4. The “Satans Cheerleader” Costume

One of the most popular costumes on social media for the past 3 years, I named this costume after a gutter band in Long Beach called “Satan’s Cheerleaders”, complete with lead singer dressed in strange womens drag. Now THAT is a story you couldn’t make up if you tried.

5. The "Batty White" Platform 

One of my early Dolls Kill shoe designs, I named the "Batty White" in honor of the beautiful golden girl herself Betty White. Obviously.

6. The “Beast” Megatote

I personally don’t don much devilish apparel on the daily, but I sure love to make it! This one sold to Kat Von D amongst many other darkside divas out here.

7. The “Mermaid Bae” Costume 

While mermaids are no new concept, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel it was a “trend” over the past 5 years or so. There’s a hell of a lot of mermaid costumes out there but I was really happy with this rendition.

8. The “Harlots Web Boot” 

Another one of my VERY first shoe designs for Dolls Kill, The “Harlots Web” has been another style (poorly) ripped off by other brands. But hey, it’s pretty fucking cool. So I forgive you (kind of).

9. The “Pentagram Mini Backpack” 

An immediate hit, my “Pentagram Mini Backpack” was a fast and consistent seller mixing a little evil with a little backpack.

10. The “Go Big Green” Costume

Another style from my cheerleader series, the “Go Big Green” costume was a big one for our 420 friends across the world, including senior stoner of the year, Baddie Winkle.

11. The “Satan Says Platform”

When Satan's feelin' sexy, turn to the “Satan Says Platform”.

12. The “Uniskelly Bag”

One of the very first bags I designed and produced for Dolls Kill, the “Uniskelly” crossed over tons of customer categories from goth to kawaii, plush lovers to damsels of the dark.

13. The “Graveyard Riot Sweater”

Named (again) after a Long Beach punk band, it was rad to see my hand illustrated graveyard silhouette transform into this oversized intarsia sweater.

14. The “Nightbirds” Sneaker

Named (again) after a Fat Wreck Chords punk band, Night Birds (see any TREND here?!)

15. The “Nightcreeper” Platform

Bats sell. The end.

16. The “Sweet Lovely Death” Backpack

Referencing the chorus in the Misfits song “Last Caress”, it was about time I busted out a coffin backpack. And anytime is a good time to throw in an upside down cross.

17. The “Skatan Boot”

One of my FAVORITE shoe designs ever, I named the Skatan Boot after a skateboarding shop in Santa Barbara, CA: Church of Skatan.

18. The “Terror Boot” 

Because, glow in the dark. DUH.

19. The “Bat Shit Crazy” Platform

Because sometimes we all go a little Bat Shit. 

20. The “Nightglide Platform” & "Skully Boot" 

From my Charla Tedrick collection, both spooky sweet styles have sold out quickly to the gals that live their lives in black.


So now that you're overflowing with spooky delights, go make it a hell of a holiday!


Sending so much love & rock n' roll,


  • Monica : March 09, 2019

    Can u guys please tell. Me how can I get ur happy daze plantforms with the rainbow wedge

  • Devon Blakemore: October 27, 2017

    I neeeeed to know what those boots are in the “The “Book of Spells” Bag” outfit! I’d love to wear those with that adorable bag. ?

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