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Retailer Spotlight: Inked Boutique

Posted on August 23 2017

We are beyond stoked to share that we're officially stocked in 8 retailers around the globe! Who cares, right? UMMMM, YOU DO!  Why, might you ask? Because more is more. More is better. And more options always outweighs less options. Join me down this mental journey of possibility. Imagine you've got your eye on those SWEET Skully Boots, but them bitches are a pretty penny (quality costs, y'all). So you hang back and 'wait till' next paycheck' when you shall pounce. The 2nd Friday rolls around, you roll up on all super cool and confident to find that your worst nightmare has become reality! We are OUT OF STOCK IN YOUR SIZE! And you know how we roll at CT,... generally we bring in styles one time and tis' all... Ya' snooze, ya' lose, ya' feel me? Now there you are,... destroyed, pitiful and likely drowning your sorrows when ALAS! You recall that Charla Tedrick has NEW STOCKISTS! So you think to yourself, "Self: Do I dare risk another heartbreak by checking these retailers for my beloved Skully with a hopeful heart?" You head on over to Inked Boutique, fingers crossed and hopes high, to realize that life can, in fact, proceed. Skully's in stock and you're ready to rock! 

Hopefully we gracefully navigate through life making the unavoidable mistakes but learning from them. What did we learn through this nearly traumatic experience? 

1. We don't take for granted the very limited nature of Charla Tedrick shoes. Lesson learned.

2. We trust that Charla has our best intentions in mind, which is why she has increased her availability of the platforms you know and love to retailers around the world, making them more accessible no matter where you're located!

3. When in doubt, charge it! Your credit card bill will be waiting for you next paycheck. The Skully Boot might not!

So who the hell is Inked Boutique?

Only one of the cutest little rock n' roll online shops on the block!  With a huge range of product ranging from womens, mens, kids, home, art, apparel, accessories, footwear and MORE there is literally something for the whole freakin' family!

And carrying all the big dog brands from Killstar to Lucky 13, we're tickled AF to be welcomed into the family. With a love and dedication for all things rockabilly, psychobilly, pinup, punk and tattoo culture, Inked Boutique is kinda a match made in heaven for Charla Tedrick (or a match made in hell?! You decide!)

Head on over to Inked Boutique and scope their serious selection. Go ahead and pick up somethin' nice for the kiddies while you're at it. And tell em' Charla sent ya.