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Retailer Spotlight: Attitude Holland!

Posted on September 27 2017

So let's get one thing straight from the get:

I absolutely ADORE Attitude Holland.

And how could you NOT!? This husband/wife founded alternative fashion mecca has been killing the game since the late 90's with the most insane assortment of counter culture fashion but (even better): a radical, homegrown, authentic start-up story to boot (my fave!).

Their website's overflowing with unique detail and customer experiences,.... from tons of contests to get involved in, to super bitchin' "Attitutorials" (ummmmmmm CUTE!) featuring social media queen Psychara, showing you the ropes on the latest makeup trends, tutorials in special fx, hair and DIY. Check out one of her latest below and pencil in a bender this weekend to watch em' all!


As if you're not already totally sold on your new favorite online retailer.... one of my favorite things is the inside view they offer to their customers and fans about who's behind the scenes. Catch a lil' glimpse into the lives of the leaders behind one of the leading online alternative fashion retailers below, and meet the rest of the team here!









So obviously we're beyond stoked that Attitude Holland's stocking Charla Tedrick! ...Yet another opportunity for our customers and fans on the other side of the pond to score some sweet Charla's. 



Head on over to Attitude Holland to check out the goods, y'all! Aside from an insanely wide variety of shoes (drool), they've got everything else you could possibly ever want, need or think of; Literally EVERY category of womens apparel, a ridiculous offering for men, kiddies, plus size, swim, ADULT SPECIALTY, Halloween, costumes, accessories, body jewelry, homewares, gamer garb, band merch and pop culture references....

.....Basically you never ever have to leave your house to buy anything again in your life! 


You're welcome. 


Sending so much love & rock n' roll.....



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