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London Calling!

Posted on September 12 2017

Ahhhhh, London....


...Where do we even begin?! 
It was a bit last minute that we jumped on board to participate in the long-running alternative fashion tradeshow London Edge -- But hot damn, are we glad we did! With my trusted hunky bodyguard/"operations manager"/setup muscle/makeshift-sales assistant/photographer/husband in tow, we packed up two collections of Charla Tedrick shoes and the makings of a totally-cute-exhibitor-booth in a couple of suitcases and hopped a flight across the pond to set up shop. It was a whirlwind of an extended weekend to say the least. But being somewhat professional at running on zero steam, over-exherting and cramming in two weeks work into a couple days, I'd say we made the challenge our bitch and returned home not only feeling quite pleased with our accomplishments, but with new customers, new friends and a new shiny award to boot! 


The booth was packed from start to finish each day with customers, press and influencers from around the world. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to connect with some of the most influential faces in social media marketing.



Charla Tedrick shoes were on the runway twice a day in the London Edge catwalk shows. The models looked AMAZING and my shoes couldn't have been better styled! It was such a rad experience to get to showcase some of our product in such a cool way.  Check out the full segment here! (And then head over to snag your shoes before they're sold out! They're goin' fast, dudes. For real). 




And being voted and awarded "Brightest Newcomer Brand" at the official show afterparty was icing on the cake!



We are so incredibly honoured to have had the opportunity to participate in such a rad, positive and uplifting show. Not only did we get to sit next to brands that have been doin' the deal for decades, but we were welcomed with open arms by show staff, customers and other brands alike. In a fickle and competitive industry, the positive and encouraging vibes were such a nice surprise. We took so much positive from the experience, made some rad new friends, sold a gang of shoes, and got some great exposure. Can't WAIT to show you all what's comin' out for Spring 18! 


Thanks for the solid hangs, London. We'll be back.