Hot Child In the City

Summer's in full effect, and we're paying homage to all things smokin' hot! ::Cue NYC's hottest fashion blogger!::

Rachel Lynch has taken the scene by storm with her NY based fashion blog I HATE BLONDE. Started in 2009, Rachel's created a huge following and fan base through her eclectic-meets-romantic take on life and the world through fashion imagery, as she sees it though her rose colored glasses. Whether she's galavanting through the streets of Soho or lounging around scantily clad in her fabulous downtown loft, she's mesmerized her fans with her artful life and all it's mystery. 

Gaining massive momentum and media attention from the likes of Nylon, Galore and Marie Claire (just to name a few), the blonde bombshell style maven isn't slowing down anytime soon. And how lucky are we to get the girl in some Charla Tedrick's?! Working with Rachel has been a sheer pleasure, and we're stoked to get the down and dirty deets about what's up next and comin' round the bend!



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Sending so much love & rock n' roll. 








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