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Are You Under the Influence?!

Posted on March 01 2017

Unless you were born yesterday, you're wildly aware of the world we live in, and the reality that social media is EVERYWHERE, whether you're into it or not. HELL, even if you WERE born yesterday, you've probably already been exposed and racking up the "likes" and comments on your minute-old newborn baby post.

#Gooeybabies #GetThatKidaRag

The wide variety of cyber-born networks is staggering, ever-growing and opening up tons of new opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. While some are participating in the tech wave by creating new apps or taking their product lines to market via online sales channels, a smart and creative batch of guys and dolls are staking their claim in the world of art and fashion through their coveted social media platforms. 

The term "social influencer" was hardly a term a few years back, let alone dinner table jargon. "Social Influencers", "Brand Ambassadors"... whatever you call them, they're making a huge splash in the world of online advertising and marketing; Stunning creatures, all over the globe, modeling, sharing and reviewing products in artistic and creative ways. What's not to love?!   

Spanning over social apps like Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram, meet 7 of the creative beauties scratching their claws into the lucrative world of product marketing in cyberspace. 








Watch out, Vogue -- Social influencers are sharing up-to-the-minute trends through their social channels quicker than you can go to press! To ensure you don't miss a beat, be sure to follow our "7 Social Influencers You Need to Know" and thank me later!