Behind the Scenes at Rock N' Roll Bride!

Check out some behind the scenes footage on set with Rock N' Roll Bride! Keep your eyes peeled around 3:30 and see if you can't spot some Charla's in the mix! And be sure to mark your calendars to order the upcoming issue!


If you haven't already logged on to Rock N' Roll Bride, I forgive you; But there's no time like the present to HANDLE. THAT. SHIT.

Follow the fabulous musings of Kat Williams as she continually sets the scene for everything rad in rock n' roll weddings! 


Women Who Rock!

It's an interesting time to be a female. We're facing challenges on a national political level that are bringing women from all over the country out to the streets to make sure their voices are heard. At the same time, we live in a country and in a time where we have a lot more opportunities and choices than so many sisters who've come before us. 

You wanna run for President?

It can be done.

You want to serve our country in the military?

Step right up.

Be an inventor?  Start a...

Are You Under the Influence?!

Are You Under the Influence?!

Unless you were born yesterday, you're wildly aware of the world we live in, and the reality that social media is EVERYWHERE, whether you're into it or not. HELL, even if you WERE born yesterday, you've probably already been exposed and racking up the "likes" and comments on your minute-old newborn baby post.

#Gooeybabies #GetThatKidaRag

The wide variety of cyber-born networks is staggering, ever-growing and opening up tons of new opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. While some are participating in the tech wave by creating new...

Rock N' Roll Bride -- Product Review

Rock N' Roll Bride -- Product Review

It's been a thin slice of heaven getting to know the creator of Rock N' Roll Bride Magazine, Kat Williams. Her style is perfect. Her content never gets stale; But more than all of that, her attitude is super positive and encouraging.

It was a total honour to have our wedding selected to feauture on her blog, but to then have her beautiful post about Charla Tedrick: I'm positively elated. 

Check the whole feature,...

The Wedding That Sparked A Collection

The Wedding That Sparked A Collection

This past year was a big one for me. I married the love of my life, got to plan and throw the wedding of our dreams and had the opportunity to take the huge leap of leaving my comfortable and stable job as designer/design director to pursue my dream of starting my own company. Everything has seemed to come together in perfect time as if all the events of my life and career were leading up to this.  It's been a long weird trip, I'll tell ya -- but so incredibly worth it. 


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